While the title is probably self-explanatory, the goal of this blog is to discuss some interesting discoveries in the field of animal cognition.

My interest in animal cognition began at home, with my dog. Her ability to perfectly understand some of my commands (“Get that toy!”) and not others (usually “No!”) both fascinated and puzzled me. I’ve also always been an avid observer of human behavior, an interest that led me to study neuroscience and psychology in undergrad at Wellesley College.

After graduating, I worked in a neuroscience lab that studies cognition using a primate model. It was through this experience that I became interested in studying primate cognition specifically. Now I’m a graduate student in the Brain & Cognitive Sciences program at the University of Rochester, where I do research in the Concepts, Actions, and Objects (CAOS) Lab, under the advisement of Dr. Jessica Cantlon.

I view this blog as an opportunity to share interesting studies I learn about through my graduate work and, by extension, to share my enthusiasm for animal cognition.

Thanks for reading!



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